Zonar Bus Tracking

1. Click on the link below thenfill out the form to request a username and password.

User Request Form

2. Wait for an email response confirming that your username and password are ready for use. This may take up to 24 hours during business hours.

3. After you have received your confimation go to the Zonar site.Type in your username and password. Both are case sensitive.

4. Click on “Location” icon.

5. Select an “Asset” on the left. This is where you will find a list of the buses. There will be a description with the bus number showing what group is with that bus. You can select more than one “Asset” as well if you are tracking the location of more than one bus.

6. Click on the “Generate Report”.

7. A map will appear on the right side with the latest location of the bus or buses you are locating. Below the map you will see the time listed for the last available location. Please be aware that the location is transmitted via cell signal. The location is updated every three minutes. If a cell signal is not available the bus will show the last available location.