After School Activity Buses

Early Activity Buses

Tuesdays & Wednesdays ONLY

Pull out of SVHS 4:45 > SVMS 4:50 > Pull out of SVMS 4:55

Deb - Rt #26 - DOG
Swift Creek HS5:00pm
Grover City Park 5:10pm
Auburn Post Office 5:20pm
Dave - Rt #23 - BUTTERFLY
Fairview Post Office 5:05pm
Osmond Elementary 5:15pm
Smoot City Park 5:25pm
Tina - Rt #28 - ROOSTER
Bedford Post Office 5:20pm
SVR Post Office 5:35pm
Freedom Church 5:45pm
Kim - Rt #32 - RHINO
Thayne Elementary 5:15pm
Etna Elementary 5:25pm
Alpine Market5:40pm
KJ's in Alpine 5:45pm


Late Activity Buses

Everyday that school is in session

Pull out of SVMS 5:50 > SVHS 5:55 > Pull out of SVHS 6:00

Apryl - Rt #3 - OCTOPUS
Swift Creek HS6:05pm
Grover City Park 6:15pm
Auburn Post Office 6:25pm
Ron - Rt #16 - DUCK
Fairview Post Office 6:10pm
Osmond Elementary 6:15pm
Smoot City Park 6:25pm
Lynn - Rt #22 - PANDA
Bedford Post Office 6:25pm
SVR Post Office 6:40pm
Freedom Church 6:50pm
Helen - Rt #20 - ELK
Thayne Elementary 6:20pm
Etna Elementary 6:30pm
Alpine Market6:40pm
KJ's in Alpine 6:45pm