Route 02 Pig

Route #02 Pig

Alpine - Greys River Rd

Driver: Mary

Stop #TimeLocation
16:55Greys River Road @ Alpine Market
27:01Greys River Road & West Mill Circle
37:02Greys River Road & River Bench Road
47:02Greys River Road & Sunset Drive
>>Go to the end of Greys River Road and turn around
57:03Greys River Road & Nelson Lane
67:04Greys River Road & East Mill Road
77:05Greys River Road & Lodge Lane
87:06Greys River Road & Meadows Drive
>>Turn L on Trail Drive
97:08Trail Drive & Short St
>>Turn R on Short St.
107:09Jumpstart Learners
>7:25EES – HS/MS students transfer to Routes 4, 6 or 9