Route 03 Octopus

Route #03 Octopus

North side of hwy 89 in Alpine / CR 108 & Roberts Wolfley Rd

Driver: Apryl

Stop #TimeLocation
>>Route starts on Hwy 89, north of McCoy Creek Rd
16:50115556 Hwy 89
>>Pull into KJ’s, go to the north side on Boardwalk
26:56Boardwalk & Hwy 89
36:58Hwy 89 & Yankie Doodle
>>Turn R onto Star Lane
47:00Star Lane & Morning Star Drive
>>Turn R onto River Circle
57:02SV Kids Club Daycare
>>Turn R on Riverview Drive
67:04Riverview Drive & Snake River Drive
77:05Riverview Drive & Palisades Lane
87:06Riverview Drive & Snake River Drive
>>Turn R onto Swimming Pool Rd (CR 108)
97:14679 Swimming Pool Rd
>>Turn R onto Roberts-Wolfley Rd (CR 109)
107:16545 Roberts-Wolfley Rd
117:17Roberts-Wolfley Rd & Royal Loop
137:21679 Creamery Lane
>7:25EES – HS/MS students transfer to Routes 4, 6 or 9