Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student ID Scanning on School Buses

The implementation of student ID scanning on school buses is aimed at enhancing safety and security measures for students during their bus ride. By recording student attendance as they board and exit the bus, we can better ensure their well-being and maintain a more accurate record of bus ridership. Recording attendance proves particularly valuable for substitute bus drivers who may not be as familiar with the students and their designated stops. The system provides information on the students boarding and exiting the bus, helping substitute drivers ensure that students get on and off at the appropriate bus stop. This technology aligns with our commitment to prioritize student safety and improve accuracy and efficiency for all students, parents, and drivers, including substitutes.

The student ID scanning system utilizes modern technology to record student attendance and gives drivers access to basic student and parent contact information as they board and exit the school bus. Each student is required to scan their ID card using a designated scanner, creating a digital timestamp of their bus activity.

The system records basic information such as the student’s name, date, time of boarding or exiting the bus, and the location of the bus itself at the time. This information is securely stored and can be accessed by authorized personnel for student bus attendance purposes.

The implementation of student ID scanning enhances safety by providing a clear record of when and where students board and exit the bus. In case of emergencies or concerns, this system enables a more efficient response from school administrators and transportation staff.

No, the system is designed to prioritize student privacy. It only collects basic information necessary for recording bus attendance. Access to this data is restricted to authorized personnel, and strict measures are in place to ensure the confidentiality of student information.

Yes, the school has implemented robust security protocols to safeguard the collected data. This includes encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to ensure the integrity of the system and protect against unauthorized access similar to those used with all district student information systems.

No, the system is designed to prioritize student privacy. It only collects basic information necessary for recording bus attendance. Access to this data is restricted to authorized personnel, and strict measures are in place to ensure the confidentiality of student information.

We understand the importance of keeping parents informed about their child’s bus activity, and providing customizable parent notifications is a goal we plan to achieve in coming years. In the meantime, updates can be received regarding boarding and exiting times and locations by contacting the transportation office (307-885-7146) if needed.

Yes, students will still be able to ride the bus when they forget their student ID. In these cases, they should notify the bus driver, and alternative methods can be used to ensure accurate attendance recording. These alternative methods include the driver or bus aide entering the student’s ID number or name.

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact the transportation office (307-885-7146). We are committed to addressing any inquiries and ensuring transparency about the implementation of this safety measure.

No, the student ID scanning system is exclusively designed for recording bus attendance within the school’s transportation system. It does not have the capability to track students outside of the school bus environment. The system is designed to respect and prioritize student privacy, adhering to all relevant laws and regulations governing student data protection.

The district is fully committed to respecting and adhering to the specific legal custody arrangements that we have been notified of. If there are other specific custody arrangements that affect a student’s transportation, we ask parents or legal guardians to provide the school with relevant information. It is crucial for parents to communicate any custody-related concerns with their school office so that we can make the necessary adjustments to student records to reflect the correct custody arrangements.

For elementary students, we recommend using a secure and easily accessible method to carry their student ID. A popular
and practical option is to attach the student ID card to a break-away style
lanyard worn around the neck. Lanyards provide a convenient way for young students to keep their ID cards visible and easily accessible while minimizing the risk of misplacement. Alternatively, students can secure their ID cards in a clear, plastic badge holder attached to their backpacks or clothing. It’s essential that the student ID is visible and within reach when boarding and exiting the school bus to ensure a smooth and efficient scanning process.

In the unfortunate event that a student ID is lost or stolen, please contact their school office immediately. We understand that such situations can occur, and our staff is here to help. A replacement student ID will be issued promptly. However, for security reasons, we recommend reporting the loss or theft as soon as possible to prevent any unauthorized use.

The sharing or use of someone else’s student ID is strongly discouraged and would compromise the accuracy of our bus attendance system. If such behavior is identified, it is essential to report it to the school administration promptly. Students found sharing or using another student’s ID will be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures. Ensuring the integrity of the bus attendance system is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of all students, and we appreciate the cooperation of both students and parents in upholding these standards.