Here are some suggestions for parents and students that can help increase student safety: 

  • Use park lights instead of leaving headlights on when it is dark. Headlights can blind other drivers.
  • Encourage students to wear reflective materials and/or carry or wear flashlights.
  • Encourage students not to approach bus or cross the street until the driver signals for them to do so rather than when the red lights and stop arm turn on.
  • Encourage students to look both ways before crossing the road, even with the red lights on.
  • Assume passing vehicles will not be stopping for red lights on the bus.
  • Stay parked until all students are done loading or unloading and the bus has turned off the red lights. Buses will wait for commuters who want to leave before the bus or they will pull over at the next safe turnout so commuters can pass. 
  • If students wait inside of a car for the bus, have them gather backpacks and coats as soon as they see the bus coming so they can be ready and waiting outside of the car when the bus stops. 
  • Please be waiting at the bus stop 5 minutes early. The bus can’t wait for students without getting behind and making others wait longer. Substitutes drivers may miss bus stops with no students at them.
  • Please parallel park along roads near bus stops in the direction of travel. Please avoid parking on private property. Most road right-of-way/easements provide room to parallel park and are wider than the road surface.
  • Please do not follow after the buses in cars and have students walk up the side of the bus at its next stop. The driver only sees headlights in their mirrors, and they don’t know the students are there.
  • Please teach students to wait for the bus at least 15’ from the edge of the road surface or travel lane. Always wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and for the driver to signal before approaching the bus.
  • Route timing is usually off for the first few weeks of school. Weather will also affect route timing.
  • The bus driver must have a note from parents to let elementary students off at a stop other than their regular bus stop. This note must include an address, a contact person and their phone number. Printable alternate bus stop notes are available at

Thank you for you patience and help as we strive to transport students safely.