Route 28 Rooster

Route #28 Rooster


Driver: Tina

Stop #TimeLocation
>>Route starts on Crow Creek, heading south at the corner of Hwy 238
16:47456 Crow Creek Rd
26:47530 Crow Creek Rd
36:481028 Crow Creek Rd
46:501752 Crow Creek Rd
>>Turn L onto Fairview South
56:52Crow Creek Rd & West Hills Ranch
66:53463 Fairview South
76:54256 Fairview South
>>Turn R onto Spring Creek
86:553003 Spring Creek Rd
96:562931 Spring Creek Rd
107:02856 Spring Creek Rd
>>Turn around and head back on Spring Creek
117:041372 Spring Creek Rd
127:06Spring Creek Rd & Tolman Lane
137:07Spring Creek Road & 3 Bar N Rd
147:092335 Spring Creek Rd
157:102384 Spring Creek Rd
167:12Spring Creek & Fairview South
177:123214 Spring Creek Road
187:13Spring Creek & First South St
>>Turn R onto 1st South St and then R on Bittercreek Road
197:15Bitter Creek Rd & Fairview South
207:175807 Bitter Creek Rd
217:175781 Bitter Crreek Rd
227:175754 Bitter Creek Rd
237:195620 Bitter Creek Rd
247:205344 Bitter Creek Rd
>>Turn L onto Dry Creek Rd (CR 146)
257:215122 Bitter Creek Rd
267:22414 Dry Creek Rd
277:23477 Dry Creek Rd
287:251136 Dry Creek Rd
297:27Dry Creek Rd & Sunrise Lane
307:271926 Dry Creek Rd
317:28Dry Creek Rd & Rob's Lane
327:292222 Dry Creek Rd
>7:30OES - HS/MS students transfer to Route 26