Stop times and Locations for students who live within walk zones that catch the bus at a school building


Pick up LocationTimeRoute #AnimalDrop off Location
Etna Elementary7:251DolphinThayne Elementary
Etna Elementary7:259LionSVHS & SVMS
Thayne Elementary7:2514CowEtna Elementary
Thayne Elementary7:2511MouseSVHS & SVMS
Afton Elementary7:3023ButterflyOsmond Elementary
Afton Elementary7:3024WolfSVHS & SVMS
LCSD2 District Office7:3520ElkSVHS & SVMS
Swift Creek High School7:3521SharkOsmond Elementary
Swift Creek High School7:3529FishAfton Elementary
Osmond Elementary7:3032RhinoSVHS & SVMS
Osmond Elementary7:3029FishAfton Elementary


Pick up LocationTimeRoute #AnimalDrop off Location
Thayne Elementary2:351DolphinEtna Elementary
SVHS & SVMS3:459LionEtna Elementary
Etna Elementary
2:3514CowThayne Elementary
SVHS & SVMS3:4511MouseThayne Elementary
Osmond Elementary2:4023ButterflyAfton Elementary
SVHS & SVMS3:4524WolfAfton Elementary
SVHS & SVMS3:4520ElkLCSD2 District Office
Osmond Elementary2:4021SharkSwift Creek High School
Afton Elementary2:4029FishSwift Creek High School
SVHS & SVMS3:4532RhinoOsmond Elementary
Afton Elementary2:4029FishOsmond Elementary